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HeadBlade Moto Review

The HeadBlade Moto is a well-designed razor that makes shaving your head effortless.  With a simple and small design, you have total control over the shaving process.

In today’s guide, we want to share with you the packaging and performance of the HeadBlade Moto.

Let’s begin:

Editor’s Note: We paid for the HeadBlade Moto out-of-pocket. This is not a paid review.  This post contains affiliate links.  Tools of Men is independently owned and operated.  HeadBlade is not aware of this post before publication.

HeadBlade Moto Packaging

The packaging for the HeadBlade Moto is simple and no-frills:

HeadBlade Moto packaging

Housed in a blister pack, it does require a sharp pair of scissors or box cutter to open.

Headblade Moto Design

Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2017 for marrying both design and functionality, the HeadBlade Moto is truly a unique razor unlike any other we have reviewed.

To explain the key components of the design, here is a diagram:

HeadBlade Moto design diagram

Razor Blade

The HeadBlade Moto features a cartridge head with four cutting blades:

cartridge head on HeadBlade Moto

The width of the razor blade is comparable to a standard cartridge or disposable razor.  Additionally, the razor blade is replaceable.  Expect each blade to last you between six and 10 shaves.  

Replacement blades are available online and can be purchased for approximately $14 for a pack of four ($3.50 each).

What makes the HeadBlade Moto unique from other cartridge razors is the pivoting head.  With a spring mechanism, it can not only go up and down…

HeadBlade Moto spring loaded cartridge blade

…but can also pivot side-to-side:

HeadBlade Moto pivot head - left, center, right

This allows the razor to remain in close contact with the scalp while shaving.

Handle / Grip

Thanks to the well thought out design, the HeadBlade Moto is easy to grip:

holding the HeadBlade Moto

Whether you are left-handed or right, going forward or backward, control is never an issue when holding this razor.

Roller Ball

To assist the razor when gliding across your scalp, the HeadBlade Moto features a roller ball:

HeadBlade Moto Roller Ball

This allows each pass of the razor to feel smooth. Additionally, the single ball design won’t clog or slow down due to shaving debris or shave cream.

The roller ball can move in any direction.

Dimensions & Weight

The most striking difference between the HeadBlade Moto and a cartridge razor is its length.  As you can see in the comparison image below, the HeadBlade Moto is 2.75″ whereas a cartridge razor stands at 5.5″.

HeadBlade Moto length

The HeadBlade Moto weighs 0.7oz (20g).  A standard cartridge razor weighs 1.4oz (40g).

HeadBlade Moto Performance

Before we demonstrate how the HeadBlade Moto performs, here are a few key details:

Here’s how the length looked before shaving:

hair length prior to shaving with the HeadBlade Moto
hair length on back of head prior to shaving with HeadBlade Moto

Note: When writing, I noticed there is a slight bit of redness on the back of my head (lower half).  This is likely due to dry skin. The redness will also be evident in the post-shave pictures.

And here are some detailed pics while shaving the front:

HeadBlade Moto shaving front of head
HeadBlade Moto shaving front of head
HeadBlade Moto shaving front of head
HeadBlade Moto shaving front of head

Shaving the back of the head:

HeadBlade Moto shaving back of head
HeadBlade Moto shaving back of head

Here are the final results:

final results when using the HeadBlade Moto
final results when using the HeadBlade Moto

Here are the important takeaways when using the HeadBlade Moto:

  • Smooth Results: The HeadBlade Moto did surprisingly well in providing close and ultimately smooth results.  Nowhere on the scalp did it feel too gritty or stubbly afterward.  The pivoting blade and ball helped to ensure the blade never left the skin.
  • Hair Length: HeadBlade recommends that the hair be clipped before shaving if there have been more than four days of growth.  At five days’ length, it was able to still slice through hair easily.  This was nice to see as I only shave my head once a week on average.
  • Long Passes: Unlike a cartridge razor that features closely set blades, the HeadBlade Moto could withstand long sweeping strokes.  This made the shave quicker.  The razor did not show any signs of clogging.
  • Mild Redness: This was prevalent in both the before and after picture.  My scalp didn’t feel irritable post-shave.
  • Grip: When shaving, I prefer to use my right hand for everything.  The grip on the HeadBlade Moto made this easy.  Even when reaching on the far left side of my head, the razor still made clean passes.
  • Complete Shave: When working the areas around the ears and far corners of the neck, the razor was able to navigate without any issues. 
  • Upper Back:  If there was one area where the HeadBlade Moto was a bit more difficult to use, it would be with back hair on the upper back area.  Given that it is shorter than a cartridge razor, it simply can’t reach as far.
  • Versatility: While HeadBlade does advertise that the Moto can be used elsewhere on the body, it was not tested for this.  Given that the razor blade pivots, I don’t see why it would be a problem particularly for body grooming on the chest, armpits, arms, or legs.

Other Important Information

Here are a few answers to common questions about HeadBlade:

Where is the HeadBlade Moto made?

Per the packaging, the HeadBlade Moto was designed in the United States (California).  The blades were made in Korea.  The final product was assembled and made in China.

Will the HeadBlade cause razor burn?

Razor burn is caused by a variety of factors.  Technique, frequency, pressure, shaving cream, and more can have an impact on skin irritation.  Razor burn wasn’t prevalent when testing the HeadBlade in this review.

Will the HeadBlade cause razor bumps?

Cartridge razors, such as the HeadBlade, lift-and-cut (hysteresis) with each pass.  This causes hair to be cut just beneath the surface of the skin.  The hair is cut even shorter when shaving against the grain.  Men with dense, curly hair are more likely to experience razor bumps.  

While shaving with the HeadBlade likely doesn’t cause razor bumps, shaving incorrectly may increase your chances of getting a razor bump.  If this is a common problem for you, consider a single edge razor instead.

Is the HeadBlade safer to use?

The HeadBlade is as safe as a cartridge razor.  Do know that when taking a razor blade to your skin, there is always a chance of nicks or mild irritation.  Following proper shaving techniques will help to reduce any issues.  

Final Thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed using the HeadBlade Moto.  It allowed for a close and comfortable shave and is one I would recommend to men who shave their head regularly.  For $17, it’s worth considering, especially if you aren’t completely happy with the performance of your current razor.

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