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Bull & Stash Journal Review

Think. Reflect. Dream. Imagine.

Those were the words emblazoned on a card that was packed alongside a Bull & Stash journal I received the other day.

Now you see, being that I run this website, I am ALWAYS connected.

It’s unhealthy, I know.

But nevertheless, my screen time is a near-constant in my life.

Always reading, writing, and analyzing great content.

But likely what we heard from our mom time and time again is that everything should be done in moderation…

Simply put, it’s good to get disconnected.

To take a second and breathe.

And also, take a moment to just gather our thoughts with a simple pen and paper.

Doing so can give you a new perspective on your daily struggles, issues you are personally dealing with, or simply reflecting on all the things that went right in your day.

And a good way to stay disconnected is with a killer combo from Bull & Stash.

Like the recent reviews from both Huckberry and Harry’s, this review of the Bull & Stash Leonard Journal is not sponsored.

It was sent to me for free, and I thought it was a damn good journal to share with the readers that frequent Tools of Men.

Here’s what really got me excited about this journal:

Fine Craftsmanship Not Found In Stores

Whether you visit your local stationery or office supply store, you will find a vast selection of journals.

All with a variety of materials that make up the cover, binding, and of course the paper itself.

It’s not something that you really put that much thought into the buying process.

But when you get your hands on the Bull & Stash Journal, you instantly appreciate its quality and how it completely outclasses every other journal that you ever owned.

Seriously, it’s that good.

Immediately, you will be awestruck by the soft full-grain leather that covers the entire exterior:

bull and stash journal review - leather cover

This leather not only feels incredibly great when it rests in your hands but will wear well with time.

On the front, you will notice a small bull that is embossed on the bottom-right corner:

bull and stash journal review - embossed bull

But where this journal truly shines is when you open it up:

bull and stash journal review - inside view

You are greeted with a notebook that not only opens completely flat (which is a completely underrated feature in my mind), but also has two storage pockets (inside the front flap and behind the pad of paper itself.

Perfect for stowing away a smartphone or small tablet (think iPad Mini):

bull and stash journal review - phone storage

This pocket is not only great for on-the-go storage but also if you want to put in a few loose pieces of paper or business cards within one of the three slots found within the pouch:

bull and stash journal review - business card holder

Now, I am not here to convince you that you can’t find a journal with similar characteristics already in the market for a fraction of the price…

…you can.

But, will it be made of quality leather?

Probably not.

Nor will it likely have this really cool feature as well:

Refillable paper.

In most instances, when you shop for journals, you will find that they are in two varieties:

  • Those that have their paper glued to the binding
  • Those that are refillable through a three-ringed (or more) binder

There is no in-between…

…that is until I saw this pretty wild feature in the Bull & Stash journal…

…refillable paper through screws:

Refilling Your Bull & Stash Journal

bull and stash journal review - refills

Now, I am probably more excited about this than Michael Scott in a paper factory, but seriously, this is pretty damn cool.

Instead of huge rings that not only look displeasing and make for a bulky design, but the fact that this beautiful journal isn’t a one-time use is also remarkable.

Not only does it keep waste out of landfills, but with the leather cover, it will last a lifetime.

Oh, and the price for refills?

Really not too crazy expensive either:

Per the Bull & Stash website, you can expect to pay about $6.95 for the journal-sized paper:

bull and stash journal review - refill price

The smaller Market book and larger Allison portfolio cost $5.95 and $10.95 respectively.

You can pick up your paper in any one of the variants:

  • Lined
  • Dot-grid
  • Grid
  • Blank
  • Agenda

One More Thing…

The famous words were always uttered by Steve Jobs at the end of one of Apple’s conferences before they announced some wiz-bang product or feature.

While I have owned many Apple devices over the years (however, astute readers may have noticed I since switched to an Android phone based on the pics above), one thing that Apple always got right was their attention to detail.

The designs that Jony Ive and the team deployed were always nothing short of remarkable.

One feature that many folks liked at the time it was introduced was the iPad’s slick magnet feature that when a case was closed, also locked the device.

It was cool, seamless, and downright sexy.

To truly bridge this gap, and no greater way to wrap up this review, was to talk about Bull & Stash’s very similar feature:

Magnetic closure.

Ever so subtlety, the cover of this journal remains closed through the use of magnets.

It’s totally one of those moments where you think to yourself, why haven’t all journals employed this feature?!

Seriously, it’s great, especially if you plan on keeping either your phone or business cards stowed away in the storage compartments.

While not obvious from the front cover, when you open the journal and inspect the inside, you can see a very light outline of the magnets:

bull and stash journal review - magnetic closure

It’s a little feature that probably doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves!

Bull & Stash Review Wrap Up: Your Next Daily Journal?

Instead of a product that pushes you into the 21st century like the iPad, this journal by Bull & Stash gently urges you to take a break from our ever-connected world, one page at a time.

Not only do I love this journal, but I can see it quickly becoming a part of my everyday life.

The attention to detail and craftsmanship is unrivaled.

If you are looking for a way to disconnect completely or are looking for a new journal to get your hands on, we recommend taking a trip over to the Bull & Stash website and checking out their selection.

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