TechTarget News - Week of Jun 25, 2023

Resume company builds non-biased generative AI feature

WorkStory used startup Armilla AI's AutoAlign platform. The platform tunes open source large language models and acts as a guardrail for non-open source ones.

How companies straddle the return-to-office debate

LinkSquares, a Boston-based startup, faced challenges in a five-day-a-week return-to-office schedule, highlighting the push-pull dynamics over office returns.

NHS England signs five-year Microsoft 365 contract

Hot on the heels of its earlier deployment of Microsoft Teams, NHS England is now going all-in on the rest of the software giant’s online productivity tools

‘Shadow’ AI use becoming a driver of insider cyber risk

Off-the-books use of generative AI tools will inevitably lead to a costly, high-profile data breach for someone, but a little attention paid to appropriate data management policy can help mitigate the risk

CloudCoCo delivers growth in H1

Managed service provider CloudCoCo has seen revenues rise and its customer base expand in its fiscal first half

NHS to launch Digital Health Check

The NHS Digital Health Check will be rolled out from spring 2024, and allow patients to do certain tests and get advice from their homes

The Finnish Food Authority uses AI to accelerate research

Researchers have reduced the time taken to get critical insights into potential public health crises and address issues in real-time, through artificial intelligence

SonicWall gives MSSPs firewall options

Security player adds monthly billing option to make life easier for its channel partners and more flexible financially for customers

ThoughtSpot buying Mode for $200M to add deeper analysis

The acquisition will extend the vendor's self-service BI platform with tools designed for data experts that enable data science, machine learning and predictive analytics.

Banks dump Terraform for Crossplane infrastructure as code

Two EU banks favor Crossplane's reconciliation approach over Terraform's dependency graph, saying the former hastens deployments -- with a few migration caveats.

Refining HPE GreenLake as it sets its sights on everything

HPE's Bryan Thompson talks about how HPE GreenLake has become synonymous with the brand, and looks to its future and how the platform will meet customers' specific needs.

Charity demands transparency in digital universal credit system

The digital universal credit system needs overhauling to ensure greater transparency over benefit claims and more effective means of redress when things go wrong, says child poverty charity

UK comms regulator to probe BT emergency number failure

Investigation to assess source and extent of 25 June technical issue causing lack of access to key first response services, including Metropolitan Police, Bedfordshire Police, Suffolk Police, and Cheshire Fire and Rescue

Scottish government tech accelerator opens latest funding round

The Scottish government’s CivTech accelerator is seeking technology businesses to help develop new tools to improve public services, as well as to address pressing social and environmental issues

Databricks introduces Delta Lake 3.0 to help unify data

As part of the open source community developing the data storage platform, the vendor unveiled the platform's latest iteration with data unification the main goal of the update.

GDPR tax reclaim scheme preys on fears of SMEs

IT suppliers are a target of companies offering a tax reclaim scheme that preys on small businesses’ fears around General Data Protection Regulation compliance

Oracle to add generative AI to HR systems by year's end

Oracle is adding generative AI to its HR platform, and claims it will deliver significant efficiency gains. But the AI output will be in areas where human review takes place.

Dubai Smart IoT unclear on deadline, but not ambition

While the Dubai Smart IoT strategy reads like any other ambitious – and equally ambiguous – plan for the overhaul of a gulf state economy, there is still a clear message that the country is serious about technology

Censys finds hundreds of exposed devices in federal orgs

Censys found exposed instances of Progress Software's MoveIt Transfer and Barracuda Networks' Email Security Gateway appliances during its analysis of FCEB agency networks.

Climate Vault launches new carbon reduction venture

Climate Vault's approach to CO2 reduction allows companies to buy and lock up pollution permits in cap-and-trade markets, making it more expensive to generate emissions.

New AWS service targets data security, genAI feature to come

The cloud provider's new service helps employees within organizations be more productive while securing their work. The vendor will add a generative AI feature in the future.

ChatGPT users at risk for credential theft

As ChatGPT's user base continues to grow, Group-IB says threat actors have exploited stolen accounts to collect users' sensitive data and professional credentials.

Snowflake targets generative AI with new capabilities

The vendor unveiled new features -- including new containerization capabilities in Snowpark -- to create a secure environment for developers to build LLM-infused applications.

Oracle shifts database support goalpost

Oracle has updated its maintenance and support across its relational database family – we explore the implications

Alkira introduces extranet as a service

Provider of cloud networking as a service unveils infrastructure designed to enable third parties to securely connect to critical business applications 

Intelsat and Lintasarta expand Indonesian connectivity

Nearly 400 remote sites in the world’s largest archipelago have received first ever connectivity through deal between local telco and satellite operator

Zoom Rooms' Intelligent Director follows in-room users

The vendor's AI-backed tool uses multiple cameras to capture in-office users' best angles and present them onscreen to boost facetime between participants.

One Login’s ID check apps downloaded over two million times

The One Login digital identity system is being used by eight government services, and GDS has issued more than 1.5 million verified identities since summer 2022, while its ID check apps are proving popular

WithSecure forges ahead with green coding initiative

WithSecure’s W/Sustainability programme kickstarts a number of initiatives, including a commitment to green coding the security supplier hopes will set an example for others to follow

A tenth of kids claim they could hack you

More and more young people are at risk of being drawn into cyber criminality, and parents must shoulder some of the blame, according to a report

ANZ IT pros get salary bump this year

Over half of IT professionals in Australia and New Zealand received a higher salary this year, underscoring the tight IT labour market

Army enlists BT Wi-Fi to support smart bases project

Five-year contract covering more than 150 sites across UK to deliver managed Wi-Fi services and enhance security, improving experience for soldiers on bases, even in remote locations

SES-18 C-band satellite goes operational

New craft comes onstream in what is said to represent one of the final milestones as operator taps into expected rich vein of services based at key wireless spectrum band

How Ikea is driving digital customer experience

Ikea franchisee in four Southeast Asian markets and Mexico taps chatbots, conversational commerce and remote planning, among other capabilities, to drive digital customer experience

Partners: IT investment balances innovation, optimization

IT service executives expect to see customers pursue the transformative potential of AI and cloud in the second half of 2023 -- while keeping a close watch on costs and results.

HPE GreenLake exec: It's always the year of storage

In this Q&A, HPE's Omer Asad talks about HPE GreenLake's transformation into an on-premises hyperscaler and the importance of both storage hardware and the abstraction of it.

HPE customers move to embrace hybrid cloud by design

Hybrid clouds are often a reaction to problems. The Dallas Cowboys, Texas Children's Hospital and Experian turned to HPE GreenLake ahead of -- rather than in response to -- issues.

Databricks acquiring MosaicML to add more generative AI

The data lakehouse vendor's purchase of the generative AI vendor will enable customers to build and train language models specific to their needs by using their own data.

Nokia claims 5G fixed wireless access distance record

Finnish comms tech provider reveals test showing world-record download speed for 5G fixed wireless access that paves the way for cost-effective, extended-range, high-quality internet connectivity

HSBC leaving Canary Wharf headquarters

HSBC is to leave its current Canary Wharf headquarters by 2027 as hybrid-working policies reduce demand for office space

Office workers feel AI is better than a human boss

UK and US workers are quitting their jobs due to frustrations with how they are being managed – and some feel AI can be a better boss

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