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Pros and cons of conversational AI in healthcare

Conversational AI platforms have well-documented drawbacks, but if they are regulated and used correctly, they can benefit industries such as healthcare.


How AI can help businesses circumvent inflation

AI can potentially help businesses avoid -- and even counteract -- inflation. Machine learning may be better at this than large language models.


A guide to artificial intelligence in the enterprise

AI in the enterprise is changing how work is done, but companies must overcome various challenges to derive value from this powerful and rapidly evolving technology.


Tesla full self-drive software and autonomous vehicle safety

The automaker gave North American users access to its full self-driving system in 2022. However, critics say it fails to perform basic tasks and could lead to catastrophic results.

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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Basics

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    cognitive computing

    Cognitive computing is the use of computerized models to simulate the human thought process in complex situations where the answers might be ambiguous and uncertain.

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    Fréchet inception distance (FID)

    Fréchet inception distance (FID) is a metric for quantifying the realism and diversity of images generated by generative adversarial networks (GANs).

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    machine teaching

    Machine teaching is the practice of infusing context -- and often business consequences -- into the selection of training data used in machine learning (ML) so that the most relevant outputs are produced by the ML algorithms.

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