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Databricks introduces Delta Lake 3.0 to help unify data

As part of the open source community developing the data storage platform, the vendor unveiled the platform's latest iteration with data unification the main goal of the update.


Use knowledge graphs with databases to uncover new insights

Knowledge graphs work with graph databases to offer different data storage options than a traditional database, particularly in the biomedical, financial and product sectors.


MongoDB unveils new AI, migration tools for database

The vendor, with its latest slate of new and updated capabilities, is adding generative AI with its partnership with Google Cloud and launching a new data migration tool.


Starburst Galaxy update targets governance, data access

The vendor's latest update includes the public preview of Gravity, a centralized access and governance layer that enables users to better control and connect data across clouds.

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    15 ways AI influences the data management landscape

    AI, NLP and machine learning advancements have become core to data management processes. Ask tool vendors how they use -- or fail to use -- AI in these 15 areas.

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    How to create a data quality management process in 5 steps

    Data quality requires accurate and complete data that fits task-based needs. These five steps establish a data quality management process to ensure data fits its purpose.

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    Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for big data applications in scalable clusters of computer servers.

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