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Banks dump Terraform for Crossplane infrastructure as code

Two EU banks favor Crossplane's reconciliation approach over Terraform's dependency graph, saying the former hastens deployments -- with a few migration caveats.


HashiCorp Vault to expand in DevSecOps with BluBracket buy

HashiCorp expands Vault's focus to include DevSecOps with the acquisition of a secrets scanning startup, setting the stage for a potential showdown with Microsoft and GitHub.


Accelerate software delivery by practicing Lean DevOps

The Lean methodology focuses on increasing efficiency and reducing waste -- practices that can also streamline DevOps projects. Review the benefits of combining the two approaches.


3 IT and DevOps trends to watch in the second half of 2023

From managing cloud costs in an uncertain economy to embracing AI and other emerging technologies, IT leaders face major challenges as they head into the second half of 2023.

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    WebAssembly (Wasm) is a binary instruction format for compiling and executing code in a client-side web browser.

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    VM BIOS (virtual machine basic input/output system)

    A VM BIOS (virtual machine basic input/output system) is the set of instructions that controls the booting process of a VM.

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    Knative is an open source project based on the Kubernetes platform for building, deploying and managing serverless workloads that can run in the cloud, on premises or in a third-party data center.

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