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Data center tiers and why they matter for uptime

Organizations should consider data center tiers of colocation providers or for their own data centers based on their uptime needs. Examine the differences among the four tiers.

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Explore Red Hat's bring-your-own-subscription model for RHEL

Many organizations use pay-as-you-go models with public cloud providers to run their Red Hat products in the cloud. Explore how bring-your-own-subscription differs.


VergeIO's new IOfortify halts ransomware spread

Diminutive snapshots, a new alert system and code improvements empower the software of HCI vendor VergeIO against ransomware attacks in its latest release.


Strategies to work toward data center decarbonization

Global temperatures are rising, and organizations can do their part by decarbonizing their data centers. Examine ways to cut back on data center carbon emissions.

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Data Center Basics

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    blade server

    A blade server, sometimes referred to as a high-density server, is a compact device containing a computer used to manage and distribute data in a collection of computers and systems, called a network.

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    COTS, MOTS, GOTS and NOTS are abbreviations that describe prepackaged software or -- less commonly -- hardware purchase alternatives.

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    Multiprocessing is the utilization of two or more central processing units (CPUs) in a single computer system.

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