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Is it time for a new name for thin clients?

The thin client market has evolved significantly to the point where these endpoints aren't all that thin. Find out the case for renaming these devices to 'rich clients.'


What are RDS CALs and how should IT use them?

IT teams rely on CALs to ensure that RDS users are properly licensed for their sessions, so they should know how to work with them and what different options they present.

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Calculating sustainability and emissions for VDI and DaaS

Though VDI and DaaS are both desktop virtualization services, their sustainability can differ significantly, so business leaders should learn how to calculate their emissions.


Forecasting VDI trends and the future of the market

VDI was once thought to be the future of managing desktops, but at times it can feel like a relic. However, VDI has certain characteristics that ensure it's here to stay.

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Virtual Desktop Basics

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    Parallels is a software company best-known for its software that allows users to run Microsoft Windows systems on Apple Macintosh computers.

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    app virtualization

    App virtualization (application virtualization) is the separation of an installation of an application from the client computer accessing it.

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    terminal server

    A terminal server, also known as a communication server, is a hardware device or server that provides terminals -- such as PCs, printers and other devices -- with a common connection point to a local or wide area network (WAN).

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