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Collaboration tool sprawl challenges and how to address them

Using multiple communication and collaboration tools can cause productivity headaches. There are steps IT can take to avoid these issues and manage collaboration tool sprawl.


Zoom Rooms' Intelligent Director follows in-room users

The vendor's AI-backed tool uses multiple cameras to capture in-office users' best angles and present them onscreen to boost facetime between participants.


Office hoteling pros and cons for hybrid work

As hybrid work gains traction, companies must rethink how they want to allocate their offices. Office hoteling offers some advantages, but be careful of the pitfalls.


Using Fibery to build The Ultimate Workspace for solopreneurs

The no-code digital workspace vendor for SMBs brings total customization to online knowledge hubs and generative AI tools to build online workspaces and create content quickly.

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Unified Communications Basics

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    Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is a cloud delivery model that offers a variety of communication and collaboration applications and services.

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    quality of service (QoS)

    Quality of service (QOS) refers to any technology that manages data traffic to reduce packet loss, latency and jitter on a network.

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    UCaaS vs. CCaaS vs. CPaaS: What's the difference?

    It can be difficult to make sense of popular cloud communications service models. Compare UCaaS vs. CCaaS vs. CPaaS to understand their differences and how they can be used together.

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